Thursday, November 29, 2007

Ive been a bag blogger. I'll admit it. Since my last post MONTHS ago I have started college, adjusted as best as I could, and atempted to keep a job going. I love college, but the work was nothing like I was expecting. That was the biggest adjustment. In high school I got A's barely studying, and now I have to deal with the mindset that C is average when I study my butt off. But I have made some great new friends even though I live at home. The first week I rushed for a sorority, but decided not to join one my freshman year so I wouldn't be so overwhelmed. But I am so glad I went through rush (even thought it was the most tiring week of my life) because that is where I met most of the girls I hang out with now. So its all good!! :)

Football has been a pretty big part of my college life too. The first 6 games of the season were GREAT!!! Our Gamecocks were ranked number #6 in the nation! But of course if any of yall keep up with SEC football, it all went downhill from there. Even our last game looked like we were going to pull out a win against Clemson, but of course in the last seconds they won. O well, like every devoted Gamecock says, there's always next year!!

This week I'm working for a family friend at our local Holiday Market. Tonight was the opening night and I'm lovin it!! The whole feel of the room is that Christmas is just around the corner (ahh!!) and not to mention all the vendors are FABULOUS!!! I'll be doing my shopping there Saturday morning and looking forward to shopping til I drop for the first time in the LONGEST time!!!

My other job that I've had for almost 2 years is at Build-a-Bear workshop. Yes, its a cute job...for high school. If early childhood education was just college major, yea it would work out great. But sadly its not. Things got so stressful at one point that I turned in my 2 weeks notice, but my boss wanted me to stay so bad she was willing to let me work for as little as once a month. So I stayed. But I just got a call today from CVS Pharmacy and now have an interview Monday for a opening in their pharmacy. Hopefully *crosses fingers* this job will work out since pharmacy IS my major, and this would give me a legit reason to part ways from BABW.

Well I guess that its for now in a nutshell. Next week are finals so once that is overwith I'll be on here more often. I highly doubt anyone is reading this thing, but if you're out that I appreciate it!!! Everyone have a safe and happy weekend!!! :)

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