Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Delay on the Shopping Post

I know I said I was going to post all about my shopping adventures over spring break, and I fully intended to. I took pictures and everything. But of course life gets in the way. Last night on the way home from the sorority house I got in a little fender bender. Everyone was just fine. If it hadn't been raining all day and the roads weren't wet I probably could've braked and not hit the guy at all. Thankfully, I wasn't issued a ticket or a citation or anything. My dad had originally decided not to file it with the insurance company so our rates wouldn't increase, but when we went to get my car estimated for damages the guy suggested filing with the insurance because they weren't sure how much damage was done to the frame when they get my front bumper off. AND once they have my car they said it could take up the 3 WEEKS to fix!!! And since the insurance company will pay for a rental car, we're going with the insurance! But everything is ok, it was my first accident so of course when I had to call my dad to tell him I bursted into tears! And when I talked to my mom the sobs came again! So ANYWAYS....the shopping post will *hopefully* be coming tomorrow!! Yall have to be the most patient readers ever!!!! And I love ya for it!! :)

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Spring Break 09!

Hello Ladies! Sorry  for the lack of posts this week. Since it was spring break I kinda took a break from blogging...along with school work, dieting, the gym, tanning....basically everything!! But hopefully I'll get all my unpacking done and have a long update for you later tonight :)

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

I want to go SO bad!!

Is anyone else out there in blog land wanting to go to this concert as badly as I do??? Ever since I heard Britney's new CD and heard she was doing a tour I was DYING to go. Unfortunately, as a college student, I can't justify to my parents $100 per ticket. But with the concert being TOMORROW I keep looking at ebay and craigslist hoping some el cheapo tickets will pop up and I can grab them and scramble down to atlanta! If anyone knows of ANYBODY selling their tickets or have some hot connections down in the ATL, please hook a girl up!!! I would FOREVER be in debt to you. :)

On a side note, what did everyone think of the Bachelor?? I for one was a huge fan of Melissa and even though Jason defends himself by saying he just had to do what was right for him, he still didn't have to call Melissa out on national television to publicly break up with her. But by the way Melissa acted, I think she had some inkling that Jason and Molly were happening. When she walked out she already seemed pissed. I don't know there are still rumors going around whether or not last nights after the rose was really the first time Jason and Molly saw each other, and I still don't know if I believe them or not, but I have lost all respect for Jason and how he treated these 2 women. What are your thoughts??? 

Hope everyone had a Terrific Tuesday! :)

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Let it Snow!

This is the picture from our local weather station calling for snow! A good many of the school districts have already cancelled school for the day. Now all USC has to do is cancel classes and we'll be set! With spring break next week, tons of exams and midterms are going on this week and they'll probably wait till 6am like they did last time :(  I'm pretty fortunate that I just have my anatomy exam Thursday afternoon. And I would be studying except my professor won't be telling us whats on the test until Tuesday! He's the kind of professor who the class day before will literally read off the test the exact information we need to know. So whats the point of studying things I might not need to know right? haha...

I was going to post pictures of my last Lilly and Express finds, but Blogger won't let me! I'll try later tonight and hopefully it will work!!
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