Monday, November 29, 2010

Turkey Weekend Recap

Hello all 5 of yall who are reading this! Every post I write on here starts off with "sorry I've been gone so long..." so I'm just gonna stop saying it and when I can write, I will. But *hopefully* I'll be on here more!


Thanksgiving weekend came with a VERY welcomed couple days of school. After working Wednesday, my family and I drove up early Thursday morning to Lake Lure, NC where my grandparents are. We only get to see my dad's parents a couple times a year, and with my mom's parents already gone, we always try to include them in the holidays and invite them down for the weekend (we only see my dad's side of the family around Christmas...LONG STORY). So we got to visit with them and of course have a DELICIOUS meal!

Friday we got up, had some breakfast then began heading back to Columbia. Since my dad is VERY gracious and understands the NEED to go shopping on Black Friday, we stopped at the Gaffney outlets for a couple hours. And let me tell ya the deals were GOOD! The outlet mall isn't very big, but it has your typically stores like J.Crew, Coach, Nike, Ralph Lauren etc. Even thought the funds are seriously lacking right now, I managed to snag a pair of matchstick jeans at J.Crew for 40% off and I needed a new black tee because I realized my old staple had a hole in it. This outlet mall also has a Bare Escentuals outlet, which I have never seen anywhere else! And since I use their foundation, I picked up a new foundation brush since mine had seen better days for just $12.50...thats over 50% off! And lastly I got an ADORABLE dress for the SEC Championship (more about that later!) at Ralph Lauren. I would post a pic, but it was a little too long so my mom is hemming it before the big game in Atlanta! So once its finished I'll make sure to post a pic.

Saturday was spent relaxing and preparing for the BIG game that night....CAROLINA VS. CLEMSON!!!! No matter how the seasons are going, this game has a mind of its own, but thankfully our Gamecocks pulled it out!

Now that the weekend's over, I'm down to the last week of classes, which I can't believe this semester is over already!!! I've also got my last tennis match of the season, a work shift, the Junior League Holiday Market, and the SEC Championship game in Atlanta baby!!! Somewhere in there I have a paper to write too ;) But I hope everyone had a good Thanksgiving weekend, and if you want a more day to day update on my life, make sure to follow me on twitter @swtcarolinagrl5 :)
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