Thursday, April 30, 2009


Hey guys. I'm supposed to be studying for my anatomy exam tomorrow morning but I just have to vent.

My parents bought me an apartment a year ago to live in while I go to school. Its an awesome apartment, my only complaint is that me and my roommate live next door to the President of the homeowner's association. Now this guy feels like he has the right to complain about every single little thing me and my roommate do. Now I personally feel this is because we are 2 young girls who he feels are just renting and he can do what he wants. For example, today we were out by the pool and my roommate and her boyfriend got in the hot tub. Well not 10 minutes later this guy is out there asking us if we were in the hot tub last night. Seeing as how I was studying my brains out for my physics exam and my roommate was babysitting, we said no. He then continues to ask us if we were because the emergency button for the hot tub was pushed and he was going to give us the electric bill for whatever it cost to get the hot tub heated up. Now if he would have been nice about it and just asked if we were in it last night, there wouldn't be a problem. But no, he has to come over and automatically assume that we were the cause of the problem and blame us. Another thing. My roommate just got a new puppy that doesn't even stay the night here (her parents live about 15 minutes away and thats where it stays) and 2 days ago around 5pm she barked for like 30 seconds. Well, not 5 minutes later he marched his way over here and said he heard barking last night. And today I got a letter that there was a complaint of excessive barking and if it happens again we'll get fined $250!!! Ugh well I told my dad and he's all pissed off now and said he would take care of it. Isn't that what daddy's are for??

Sorry if this is rambling and doesn't make much sense, but I just had to vent! Has anyone else had HSA problems?? Any suggestions??

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Sorry I've been so MIA AGAIN but I have HUGE physics test this morning that basically determines if I fail or pass the class. Please pray and I PROMISE once school is over I will update this thing!!
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