Wednesday, August 27, 2008

I'm a Kappa!!!

Hello Ladies! This past week has been crazy busy with classes starting and rush, but I am proud to say I am a KAPPA KAPPA GAMMA!!! I am so excited :D Bid day was Sunday and we got the CUTEST tshirts (ill try to post a pic later). Then we went back to the house where Sticky Finger's catering and a DJ were waiting on us. Afterwards we rented out a whole theater to see House Bunny! VERY funny movie. Monday night we had our new member meeting and our first chapter meeting. Tonight is our official pinning ceremony :) So thats been my big excitement. Classes are going ok so far, but even taking just 4 classes along with all kinds of sorority stuff and of course we can't forget FOOTBALL!!! Our first game is tomorrow and I could not be more excited!!! I'll make sure to post pictures sometime soon! Hope everything is going well with yall!!

Sunday, August 10, 2008

All moved in!

Hello! Sorry for the lack of posting the last couple weeks. After that first chemistry test my class go a lot more intense, but I got a B! So now this weekend my whole focus has been moving into my new apartment!! I don't have any pictures because 1) im taking a break from packing to write this and 2) my camera is still packed away! But as soon as I find it I'll be sure to post some pictures!
This coming week I'm working a WHOLE bunch (30 hours instead of my normal 8) because I haven't been working many hours because of summer classes and I took off all of next week because I am rushing YET again! I don't know if I'm crazy or what, but after a year the desire to be in a sorority is still there. So here we go again! If you girls have any advice for me please let me know! Hope everyone has a good week!!
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