31 Days of SCG *done*

This October I decided to link up with The Nester and become one of her "31 Dayers". Basically the concept is to commit to writing all 31 days of October. Some people decided to focus on a certain topic, but since my blogging has become so sporadic lately, I simply promised myself to write at least something on the blog on a daily basis. 

So this page is where you will be able to find all the posts I write for this challenge. If there is a certain topic you would like to see my talk about, just let me know!

Day 1 - Intro
Day 2 - Fall TV
Day 3 - Pinterest Wednesday
Day 4 - n/a
Day 5 - Friday {Beauty} Favorites 
Day 6 - n/a 
Day 7 - USC vs. UGA
Days 8, 9, & 10 - catchup
Day 11 - n/a {sick}
Day 12 - n/a
Day 13 - n/a
Day 14 - n/a
Day 15 - Little Problems
Day 16 - Birthdays
Day 17 - Christmas Lust List 
Day 18 - Sephora Friends & Family
Day 22 - Monday Questionnaire 
Days 23-31 kinda fell off the bandwagon! But I loved the idea of this challenge so I'm determined to keep up with blogging more often!

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