Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Top 5 Tuesday: Nail Polish

Just Peachy

Once again I am linking up with Rachel at Just Peachy for Top 5 Tuesday! I missed out last week because I was sick so when I heard this week's topic I got really excited! Nail polish is something I have recently become OBSESSED with buying. This time last year I probably had about 10 bottles, now my collection is overtaking the drawer I keep them in! I can't help it...they're just so pretty! I looked at everyone else who linked up with Rachel and NONE of these colors were mentioned, so hopefully you will find a color you wanna try!

1. OPI We'll Always Have Paris
This color will always and forever be my number one favorite! When first discovering my nail polish obsession I quickly realized that a plain black polish was way too harsh for my skin. So naturally I have accumulated a TON of colors that are very dark but not quite black. I first bought this color when it was revealed this was the color Mariska Hargitay wore to the 2010 Emmys (are you really that surprised??) and once I put it on my nails I LOVED it! It makes me feel so sophisticated and I love the deep purple color (this coming from a girl who is NOT a fan of purple!).

2. Tasmanian Devil Made Me Do It
This color is the perfect color for summer! Even if I change my nail color, this is the color that I keep applying to my toes. It's such a bright red-orange color that looks great against a tan.

3. OPI Royal Rajah Ruby
I bought this color back in September when I realized I did not have ONE garnet nail polish in my collection! I had a couple reds but any Gamecock knows that red will just NOT cut it for football season! This color is the perfect shade of garnet and has the prettiest shimmers...perfect for any sunny day at Williams-Brice!

4. OPI Teenage Dream
This is the color that started my glitter obsession! I know some people think glitter polish makes you look like a 5 year old, and I do agree it may not be appropriate for all occasions, but just look at it! This color became a HUGE hit when the Katy Perry collection came out and quickly became hard to find. A big complaint with glitter polishes is that it takes ton of coats to make it look opaque, but 2 coats of this and you're good to go!

5. China Glaze Skyscraper
I haven't actually used this nail polish yet, but it is the newest baby added to my collection that I can't WAIT to try! I think it's a great glitter polish that is a great color for the fall/winter.

So as you can see OPI is definitely my favorite brand (who can resist the cute names!) but I have been a little underwhelmed with their latest collections. I was all set to buy some of the polishes from the Muppets collection, but after reading blog reviews and seeing swatches I decided to pass. Reading beauty blogs is definitely a good way to see what new collections are coming out and making lists for your next shopping trip!

Are there any nail polish colors you just can't live without? Let me know...you can never have too many!! ;)



  1. I almost put Teenage Dream on my top 5, I love it! It really is the perfect glitter polish! I had to laugh when you mentioned getting one of your polishes because Mariska had it, too funny :) Hope you're having a great week!

  2. I am obsessed with OPI! I went hunting for the new Muppet collection on Friday and my Ulta was sold out of most colors.
    So I picked up a shade from the OPI Designer Series line...it's called Extravagance and it is so beautiful.

  3. Cute! I've been loving glittery nails.

  4. Ooooh! I love all of the polishes you chose! Your top 5 helped me add 5 new polishes to my already long polish wishlist!! I love all of them!!

  5. I love the "We'll Always have Paris" color. I am a lover of OPI as well, I think Essie might be my all time favorite though.
    Also, I am your newest follower! Check out my blog at http://peachesnpearls.blogspot.com, I will be hosting my first giveaway when I reach 75 followers (only 7 away)!

  6. Love your blog - it's too cute! You have a new follower :-)

    To answer your question about the boots, they are these from Target:

    I'd say they run true to size, maybe a bit small. They don't have half sizes. I'm a 6 or 6.5 and I ordered a 6. They fit fine, but I also think a 7 would have fit. I can't wear super thick socks underneath them, but they are definitely still comfy. So I would size up if you are in between sizes! Hope that helps!

  7. Cute stuff! I love the glitter. And by the way, thanks for you help over on my blog! I googled quatrefoil and came up with bracket frame, which seems to be reminiscent of that shape. :)

  8. I love the second color! It's really cute. I'd probably wear that color all year round if I had it-not just in the summer!



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