Sunday, March 14, 2010

OOTD: Lazy Rainy Sunday

** Headband was creme instead of black **

I'm back at my apartment getting ready to go back to class and work and the real world :( I'm planning on filming a couple vlogs this week about spring break and a haul or two, so be sure to stay tuned! Thank you to all my readers/viewers! I love you all :)


  1. Adorable! I have almost died in my bonanoo's in the rain so be careful in your jacks!

  2. @gCe I normally wouldn't wear my Jacks when it's raining but thankfully it wasn't a heavy rain at all! And I was still at my parents house for spring break and those were the only shoes I had besides tennis shoes!

  3. LOVE the chocolate Longchamp- I have the same one and it is great and matches with most things I wear!

  4. I've tagged you a socialite on my blog! XOXO

  5. Adorable outfit....perfect for the Chicago weather we are having at the moment! Blah and rainy!!


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