Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Beach Essentials

So since I took this entire week off of work, I knew I wanted to make it to the beach at some point since I haven't been all summer! So yesterday morning my friend Erin and I made our way down to Charleston to catch some sun! Our friend Alex was already down there staying with a couple friends so we all met up and headed out to Sullivans Island. And we got so lucky because the weather was GORGEOUS! We heard a few rumbles of thunder later in the afternoon but luckily it all stayed away. But boy did that sun get to me! If you follow me on twitter *which you totally should!* you know that I got REALLY sunburnt yesterday. Today I am still suffering from the after effects. I went to the mall this afternoon to grab a couple things and it hurt just to keep my purse on my shoulder. But hopefully in the next couple days hopefully this will be turning into a nice tan!


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