Wednesday, February 29, 2012

February Photo A Day

I did my best to keep up with the February Photo a Day challenge! Some days I did have to post a couple photos at a time to play catch-up, but I really enjoyed the challenge and it prompted me to take even more photos everyday. So here is a round-up of my photos this month. If you would like to see my daily photo postings, make sure to follow me on Instagram @swtcarolinagrl5

1. your view today- night view of Columbia
2. words- couple fave quotes on my desktop
**missed days 3-5**
6. dinner- chicken corn chowder & grilled turkey/cheese
7. button- computer keys

9. front door- christmas wreath doubles as vday wreath
10. self portrait
11. makes you happy- fave show
**missed day 12**
13. blue- new fave lip balm

14. heart- from target
15. phone
16. something new- awesome new skincare items I'm hoping to talk about later
17. (actually 18) drink- crystal lite peach tea

19. something you hate to do- histology hw
20. handwriting- planner
21. a fave photo of you- beautiful afternoon at Williams-Brice
**missed day 22**
23. your shoes

24. inside your bathroom cabinet- product junkie
25. green
**used repeat photo for day 26**
27. something you ate- crock pot caesar chicken via Pinterest 
28. money
29. something you're listening to- LOVIN Carrie's new single!

 Here is March's challenge if you would like to join! Hope everyone had a wonderful Leap Day! :)


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