Sunday, April 1, 2007

100 Things About Me

Almost every blog I visit seems to have one of these lists. You would think it would be easy...

1. I was born in Columbia, SC at Baptist Hospital.
2. I have one younger brother-he's 14.
3. Both me & my brother are adopted.
4. I drink Diet Coke like water.
5. In less than 2 months I will be graduating high school
6. In the fall I will be attending the University of South Carolina
7. I plan to major in Pharmacy.
8. About 1/2 of my family likes my major...the other half says I'll get bored too quickly.
9. I hate to sit around...I love going places.
10. New York is my all time favorite far.
11. I've been to Disney World 6 times.
12. I very rarely wear gold jewelry.
13. I wear Polo at least 3 times a week...people actually call me out on it at school.
14. I've played tennis for 11 years.
15. I played on my school's varsity tennis team for 6 years...3 of those at the #1 spot.
16. I dont drink regular coffee.
17. I do drink any kind of coffee drink with long as it doesnt taste like coffee
18. I used to watch Days of our Lives religiously, but rarely watch now b/c they refuse to give air time to the veteran actors.
19. I never wear a watch...ever.
20. I work at Build-a-Bear Workshop...have for 1 year.
21. I'm Catholic.
22. I insist on buying a new outfit to wear for Easter every year.
23. Grease is my all time favorite movie
24. I rarely go see movies in the theater.
25. I wish I could be one of those people who like to exercise.
26. Every summer I get a horrible tennis matter what.
27. I've worn contacts for 5 years...glasses before that since 2nd grade
28. My ultimate dream car is a Range Rover.
29. My actual next car is going to be a Hyndai Tuscon in navy blue.
30. I'm a sodoku addict.
31. I love Vera Bradley, but refuse to collect in one certain color.
32. I wear two rings all the class ring and promise ring
33. I love music but am horrible about keeping my Ipod updated.
34. Most of the song on my Ipod are old love songs
35. I love Baked chips
36. Tiffany blue is one of my favorite colors
37. I want at least one boy and one girl
38. Often I'll browse through the little baby sections in stores to imagine how I will dress my kids
39. I love reading anything but stuff assigned for school
40. I hate talking on the phone
41. I love watching football on tv...even better in person
42. I love matter whose it is.
43. My toe nails are almost always painted pink
44. I went to the same elementary school as my mom did
45. I've taken Spanish for 4 years and can't put together one sentence
46. Grey's Anatomy is my TV obsession
47. High heals are my weakness
48. I cant just wear a "little" makeup...either its none or the whole package
49. After I met Ann Curry, I was on cloud 9 for days
50. I am obsessed w/ monogramming...everything
51. I took AP History in 10th grade...and failed the final exam
52. I hate history (see #51)
53. All of my underwear and bras come from Victoria's Secret.
54. I took the SAT 5 times
55. My mom is my best friend
56. I bite my nails
57. People make fun of me when I wear my pearls while playing tennis
58. Anything madras I love
59. During the winter, I wear my North Face jacket almost everyday
60. I used to detest pink and would refuse to try anything pink on
61. I have turned from my horrible ways (see #60)
62. I played the cello for 5 years
63. I still get grief for quitting.
64. I love taking pictures
65. I'm very organized in all areas in my life, but my room is a mess.
66. Jack Bauer from 24 is the man.
67. I get pretty good grades w/o trying too hard
68. I would eat out every meal if i could
69. I hate cooking
70. My first pet was a black minature poodle named Charlie
71. I didn't get my permit until I was 16.
72. People often confused me & my tennis partner for twins, even though were 4 years apart
73. I did my 9th grade research paper on the career of a marine biologist, and decided not to become one because they didnt make enough money.
74. I like any color combonation that includes pink
75. My first bottle of purfume was Curious by Britney Spears
76. Keeping up with celebrity gossip is vital to me
77. I'll often watch @ least 3 entertainment news shows a day (see #76)
78. I'm extremely emotional...I can cry at the drop of a hat
79. I dont eat red meat-just because I haven't since I was a baby
80. Facebook is my computer addiction
81. Kenny Chesney is my favorite male singer
82. Almost half the stuff in my closet is some shade of blue
83. I love bright colors, but own about 2 yellow articles of clothing
84. I'm a night owl. Ill stay up all nite and sleep until the afternoon
85. My hair refused to curl or be wavy
86. I've never dyed my hair
87. I dont like the mountains...send my anywhere warm & tropical and I'm happy
88. I will probably never live outside of the south
89. My dream guy has brown hair and blue eyes
90. I wanted to be a psychiatrist for a while...but didn't want to go to school for that long
91. I try to make a memory out of every day
92. I have tons of earrings but almost always wear my pearl studs
93. I always have a game of Solitare on my desktop
94. My favorite scent from Bath & Body Works is Warm Vanilla Sugar
95. I almost never go to bed before 12am (see #84)
96. Another obsession of mine is polka dots
97. I am the preppiest in my entire extended family
98. I love dressing up
99. I sing constantly throughout the day
100. I believe there is a soulmate out there for each of us


  1. Well, well, so I finally get to see who has the blog name I tried to get!

  2. Great post! Enjoy your years at USC. My lil sis is graduating in May and had a fabulous time!

  3. That was fun reading, we have many things in common!
    I love #91...what a great attitude to have!


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