Sunday, April 1, 2007

Preppy Post #1

Welcome! I have no idea if anyone will read this, but here is where I'll be recording my final days as a high school senior and other various events in my life. I'm VERY new to this blogging thing, so any help would be appreciated. I can't promise that I will post everyday, but when I do I will try to keep the posts as interesting as possible!


  1. Welcome to you! Found you through I've found that the best way to get readers is to comment on other blogs, then people will be like, oh who's Carolina Prep?, and they'll come check you out!

  2. Hi! Just found your blog, welcome to blogland!

  3. Welcome to blogland! Thanks for reading my blog! Hope you have fun with it.

  4. Okay lady! I think you must be my long lost little sis. I am adopted too! And, my brother goes to Chapel Hill (sorry, he's gorgeous but gay but he does have lots of adorable gal friends who you should def get to know!) Also, we have a friend down the street who will be attending USC in the fall. Her name is Mary Clark Neiderlehner. She is ADORABLE. Seriously, your preppy soulmate. Please look her up or contact me and I'll get you her number or email. Where in Carolina are you from? Email me at
    Love your blog.

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