Thursday, June 14, 2007

Where have I been???

I have no excuse for the lack of blogs this past month. Yes graduation was a couple weeks ago but still, these lazy days of summer give me perfect opportunity to blog about my days.

Speaking of graduation, it went GREAT. I expected to be more emotional than I actually was. But my party that Saturday was so fun and relaxing. Everything went well, well...except for the cake. My mom made a cake with fondant icing, and they tell you you're not supposed to freeze it. Well, she did, and the icing flavor soaked into the cake. So it was not too tasty! But it still was BEAUTIFUL!! And all the flowers and pink and green theme turned out exactly as I wanted it too! So yes here are some pictures from that.

What I wore the day of the party:


  1. Congrats! What fun. Get ready for some of the best years of your life!

  2. Everything is so pretty, the cake is gorgeous and I love the dress, very cute! Congratulations!


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