Thursday, May 3, 2007

Lilly Summer 2007

Lilly's new collection seems to have a different vibe than her other more recent collections. The overall colors used are more primary and bold than the colors were used to seeing on Lilly. I do like some of the pieces, but alot of the pieces, unless someone viewed the entire collection, wouldn't know these Lilly pieces from any other brand. I dont know about yall, but besides just loving the colors, whenever I wear Lilly I feel special! I know it sounds cliche, but when I see somebody wearing Lilly, I have a certain "fashion respect" for them. I feel a few of these pieces don't do us and Lilly justice! Alas, there are always a few pieces I will splurge for...

I like this dress, although I think the blue one looks better. But you have to deal with the lack of "Lillyness"
This to me is more of what Lilly's summer collection should be. They have shorts like these as well, but in my area the trend seems to be that madras shorts are EVERYWHERE and its hard to come by a skirt. Also with the color scheme on this one it might be more versital and wearable throughout the year.
This skirt is cute as can never have enough seersucker! Although it is a lil too long for my taste, but I do like the pink & blue combo.

I love love LOVE this bag! And considering its $125, its a better buy than the Kate Spade Coal bag I've been eyeing. And the navy makes is useable into the late summer/early fall.


  1. I'm so glad you agree about the new lilly collection because its a travesty and hideous to say the least

  2. LOVE the seersucker skirt, adorable!!


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