Sunday, June 29, 2008


Does anyone else have a *slight* obsession with eBay? Mine seems to come in stages. I can go for months without buying or even bidding on anything, then all of sudden I find I have a bunch of packages coming my way! Between me and my mom (who has also developed a love for eBay) there's not telling how many purses, scarves, wallets, clothes, and pairs of shoes we've bought. Sometimes they're not as new as we would like, but mostly all the items we've gotten have been great!! I've never bought makeup off eBay before, and since I don't work as much because of summer classes, saving a little money on my Clinique or Bobbi Brown must haves sounds appealing. Here's a couple things I'm anxiously awaiting to fall on my doorstep!
I tried on these espadrilles when they were in the stores 2 summers ago in New York City and LOVED them! But couldn't really justify the $118 price tag. Since then I bought another pair with a different color combination and they are SO comfortable. So spending $20 including shipping was a no brainer AND they have tennis rackets on them!!
I am SOO excited about this tote arriving! This will be my first Herve Chapelier! I wanted a tote that could be used for school but wasn't too big in case I wanted to use it as a purse. The color combo isn't bad because it's not going to show a lot of dirt. And I got it for a steal at less than $20 including shipping!! I'll let you know how they look when they arrive!


  1. My ebay obsessions comes and goes too.

    I just bought a Herve Chapelier tote too (love your color combo) and a nautical Rafe bag. I seriously can't buy any bags for a long time!

  2. I love ebay too. I purchase Herend Foo dogs for 25% of cost. I am always looking for deals--hate to pay retail!

  3. A couple of years ago I was buying on ebay at least once a week. The Hubby said enough!

  4. Herve Chapelier tote you found on ebay, definitely a deal! good for you, enjoy it! the extra money you can put away for your natalie rainy day fund at lilly!


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