Sunday, June 29, 2008


Yesterday I went with one of the girls to see 'Wanted'. I had heard the basic story-line of the movie and found it intriguing, even though I usually don't like violent movies. If you haven't heard, the basic story-line of the movie is that there is this group called the Fraternity that is made up of assassins who go around and kill people who are going to bring harm to others in the future. Maybe it's just because I don't watch this kind of movie on a regular basis, but I found myself wondering what the whole point of the movie was after seeing the ending. I don't want to give anything away, but if I was making this movie, I would have done more with the story-line. Did anyone else see the movie this weekend? Thoughts?


  1. New to your blog and love it! I am a 30 something NC prep! :D

    My DH and I saw Wanted Saturday night for his birthday. I usually don't enjoy these movies either but I loved this one...DH said he didn't get it when it was over. I loved the ending with the exception of the circular gun shot that went all the way around hitting everyone in the circle including the person that fired the shot. That I didn't get. Hope I didn't give up too much info...but really my favorite scenes were the car flipping over and firing into the limo and the FINAL scene.

  2. I've not even heard of it yet...I must be under a rock! haha It's sounds interesting!


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