Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Woo Hoo!!!

Just found out I got an 86 on my first chemistry test today!!! This really calls for some Lilly rewards but unfortunately I have no money :( Anyone wanting to contribute to the "Natalie getting good grades" fund, feel free!


  1. ok, I love you and if you evah! need to babysit Gamecock Fans we live in Forest Acres!! You are precious and we Gamecocks never lose hope and will win this year!
    Anonymous B

  2. Hiii...I'm new to your blog [and..blogging itself haha.]
    It's a cute blog! And congradulations on your grade!

  3. We'll contribute to your "Natalie getting good grades" fund by telling you that you are the winner of our Pretty Ponies anniversary give-away! Hop on over to our blog to collect your winnings! Congratulations!

  4. thank you :]
    Looking forward to reading your blog!


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