Saturday, October 3, 2009

My Life in a Nutshell

What I've been doing instead of blogging...

  • put apartment on the market only to end up trading apartments with neighbor across the hall
  • somehow passing Organic Chemistry I and II in summer school
  • FINALLY finding a diet that works for me....25 pounds skinnier!
  • finding new clothes in my closet that now fit, and realizing that some of my favorite items are too big to even take in :(
  • adjusting from living with a roommate who had her boyfriend over 24/7 to living by myself (LOVE IT!!)
  • family vacation to Chicago
  • experiencing southern sorority recruitment for the first time (INTENSE!!!)
  • getting adjusted to 5 new classes for the fall semester
  • actually doing halfway decent on my first tests! Maybe I've finally figured out how to study ;)
  • experienced some AWESOME Carolina football!!!! GO COCKS!!!!
  • major shopping trip to Myrtle Beach to get new SMALLER clothes!!
  • got my little sister for Kappa! LOVE (pictures of us and gifts to come!)
In other words, I've been a little busy! No excuse I know, but I really want to get this blog started up if only to have a record of these crazy college days!! If I have any readers left, thanks for being the most patient people EVER!


  1. Wow! Congratulations on the amazing weight loss! I would LOVE to hear how you did it! Glad you're back in the blog world :)

  2. WOW Congrats on the weight...I'm trying to find a diet to work for me so I would also love to hear what you did!

  3. Congratulations on your weight loss...that's awesome! Would love to hear how you did it and if it's something that is easy to keep up with.


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