Tuesday, October 6, 2009


Got to break out the wallabee's today! Yesterday was rainy and yucky and today we get the leftover overcast weather so I thought it was a perfect time to bring these babies back out! If you don't own a pair of wallabee's, they really are EXTREMELY comfortable! I know some people think they are so ugly but promise me when I tell you they are worth it (if thats your opinion, I happen to like them). Even my mom is coming around to liking them!

A couple people have commented wanting to know how I've lost weight. It's a pretty complicated plan so I want to make sure that I explain it clearly and so that it's easy to understand. I know the first time my mom mentioned it I was extremely confused! So be looking for a post about that sometime next week.

Next weekend is also Initiation for all our new girls in Kappa. Which means I get to spend next week painting a paddle for my little. If you were in a sorority, did you have to paint a paddle or do you have any cute ideas on how to paint it? I wanted to trace a Lilly pattern that is in our sorority's colors (light blue and dark blue), but I think the paddle is too small and with the wooden letters that go on it I don't think it would be shown very well. If any of yall have any pictures please send them my way! Hope every has had a good week so far!


  1. Grab some lilly wrapping paper and modge podge it! I'd love that for my paddle. I left my sorority after realizing that greek life wasn't for me, but all my friends in kappa LOVE it! hope the jean sale went well! talk to you soon about lunch after break!!!

  2. I did an outline of my entire paddle with pearls, it took forever! But it was really adorable when it was all done! I painted it pink and green too, I wanted to keep it for myself! ha

  3. cute outfit! I've never been a huge fan of that style of shoe, but I'm a sucker for comfy footwear, so I'll have to give them another shot!


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