Friday, January 8, 2010

National Champions!!


Even though Alabama KILLED South Carolina when we played them, I can't help but root for whatever SEC team lands in the National Championship (yes even Florida!) I couldn't help but want to see Texas try and come back after Colt McCoy was injured though. I felt awful for their freshman quarterback with this being the only game he had any true playing time in. But I couldn't turn my back on my conference!!! This is the 4th straight National Championship that the SEC has won and I couldn't be more proud than to be part of this amazing conference! Who knows, maybe ONE day **far far away** the Gamecocks can fight to be the national champs!!! haha who am I kidding....we have to win the SEC championship first!!!


  1. Hi Carolina Prep! I'm your newest follower, LOVE your blog! I'm also a HUGE Bama Fan, game was so exciting! Roll Tide! :-)
    Be sure to check out my blog - - I think you will like it - we buy a LOT of the same things, like Lilly Pulitzer, my #1 FAV.
    I also have a HUGE Lilly giveaway coming when I reach 100 followers! XOXO


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