Thursday, May 12, 2011

Rent the Runway

Hey everyone! School is FINALLY over! Well, until summer school...BUT nevertheless I'm going to be soaking up my few weeks of freedom as much as I can. This summer also seems to be the start of wedding fever in my circle of friends. I think all 20-somethings encounter this stage at some point, and boy can it get costly! And with each of these events you don't want to have to buy a new dress every single time, but repeating a dress over and over won't work either. That's why Rent the Runway is SUCH a great idea! RTR has a ton of different brands and styles of dresses that would be perfect for a variety of events. I know a couple of my sorority sisters have ordered dresses from them for formal and have been very pleased!

The basic concept of RTR is that you pay just a fraction of the cost of what these dresses would normally cost to rent them out for a 4-day period. You just pick your size and the dates you need it. Oftentimes you can also get the dress you decide on in 2 sizes to insure that one fits perfectly! They also have a growing collection of accessories that you can rent for your big night as well.

Below are just some of my favorite dresses RTR has to offer. As you can see there are so many different options EVERYONE would be able to find the perfect look for whatever occasion!

Can you tell I'm just slightly obsessed with Lela Rose?!!
(A favorite of Mariska's!)
Thinking about renting this one for a wedding at the end of the month.

Have you or anyone you know used Rent the Runway? What was your experience??

**I posted this 2 days ago but with all the Blogger issues I had to repost!**


  1. I rented a dress back in February and it was so perfect! The whole process is so easy and they have an amazing selection! I can't wait to use them again for prom! XO

  2. I wondered about this place but wow their dresses are gorgeous and reasonable to rent from! I will def be using them next time i need a dress to go anywhere! :)

  3. this post has made my day. i had no idea :) new follower and very excited!


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