Saturday, December 3, 2011

MIA and Giveaway!

I know I know I've been absent from my blog for a couple weeks, and trust me I have missed it! Everyone knows the last couple weeks of the semester can be MAJOR crunch time, and of course this semester was no different!

On Thursday I attended my last classes as an undergrad. To say that it was a bittersweet day was an understatement. I didn't really have time to focus on the fact that is was my last day because in one of my classes I had 2 'make-up' tests (teacher lets you take if you don't do well on tests the 1st time), so I spent all night Wednesday studying for those, only to get to class and see that the tests were NOTHING like what the professor told us! A lot of people in this class are like me and just NINE days away from graduating, and this class is putting us in jeopardy from getting our diplomas because this teacher does NOT teach during lecture classes and tests on the most random things.

So that has been a major cause of stress for me. My final for the class is this coming Friday, and I am set to graduate on Monday. I feel like it's almost pointless to study because it obviously has done me NO good so far! But I'm going to do my best to stay motivated this week and study my a** off so I can walk across that stage!!

I hope everyone else who is knee-deep in schoolwork can keep the motivation. Just keep telling yourself that CHRISTMAS IS ALMOST HERE!!!! That's what's keeping me going!!


PS - Make sure you head over to Rachel's blog Just Peachy and enter her 200 followers giveaway! I'm hoping to get together a giveaway myself once I finish up with school!

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