Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Top 5 Tuesday: January Favorites

Just Peachy

1. B&BW Slatkin & Co Winter Cabin Candle
Both my roommate and I love this candle! I'm usually all about the sweet/foodie scents, but this one is much different. I can't think of any other way to describe it except that is smells like a boy...a very attractive, cologne wearing boy haha!

2. Crystal Light Peach Iced Tea
I have been trying to cut WAY back on my Diet Coke consumption (I'm talking one or two a week!), and while Crystal Light Peach Tea has always been a staple in my house, I have been going through a ton of this stuff! I have a big Pampered Chef pitcher that holds 2 packets of this and it takes me about a day and a half to go through one. It makes drinking water much easier!

3. my365 iPhone app
I found this app after a blog I read did a post about it (can't remember which one...sorry!) and immediately went to download it! It's a really cool way to look back on the month and see what was going on. Some pictures are completely random but that's the fun of it! If you're on my365 please let me know so we can follow each other!

4. Dance Moms
This show is the most PERFECT example of a reality trainwreck! I can't really say much more but if you're looking for a tv show to get hooked on on Tuesday nights, here ya go!
5. Tiffany & Co. Return to Tiffany Heart Ring
I've had this ring since my 17th birthday, but it has always been the once piece of jewelry I can never keep track of! I can't tell you the number of times I've lost it. It's even fallen down my tub drain and I spent 30 minutes trying to fish it out with a hanger. I lost this ring for over a year and when we were deep cleaning my apartment, my mom found it in the old Vera Bradley bag I used for school! I was SOO excited and it hasn't left my finger since!

What are you top favorites of January??



  1. Oh I can't lie, I'm obsessed with Dance Moms lol

  2. That ring is so cute! I've always wanted a Tiffany & Co. charm bracelet



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