Thursday, November 1, 2012

{Late} Weekend Recap

Hello girlies!! Sorry I went MIA for a week and didn't finish up 31 Days of SCG, but the end of last week was filled with working and cleaning my apartment since my bestie came and stayed with me this weekend!! She moved to Charleston earlier this year to do her pharmacy school rotations and has definitely been missed. 

the girls

Jordan and I

Friday night I guess was considered Halloween part 1, so a couple people were dressed up to go out of the town, but the COOLEST THING happened...wait for it...a ZOMBIE flash mob!! We were walking to meet our friends and saw the mob walking to one of the restaurants and wondered who all the people were. Well at the next bar the whole group came and it was AWESOME!! We ended up seeing them twice that night and it was amazing! Here's a video that my friend Caroline took. 

So after our fun-filled night, we woke up relatively early Saturday to go to my Great Uncle's surprise 80th Birthday party. Jordan got to meet my most of my crazy loud **and fashionista-filled according to her** extended family, and I think you'll be able to tell that my uncle was surprised!

I look pissed in this picture but it's all I had in regards to a OOTD pic!

Uncle's first reaction when walking in the door

 Figured it's been a while since the parentals have made an appearance, so here is the adorable couple!

Great Uncle and his immediate family

After the party wined down Jordan and I decided to do a little shopping...which meant going to Ulta and buying nail polish. OPI just came out with their holiday collection and this year's theme is James Bond. I only became a recent James Bond fan when Daniel Craig took over the role (can you say hottie patotie!!)

Ok now that you've wiped your drool, back to nail polish...

All the colors in the collection are beautiful, but I ended up getting the Bondettes Mini Kit with the colors...

*disclaimer: All swatch pictures are courtesy of Jen at The PolishAholic. She runs my all-time favorite nail polish blog and you NEED to go follow her if you love nail polish as much as I do! Thank you Jen for letting me use your wonderful pictures!*

GoldenEye, The Spy Who Loved Me, The World is Not Enough, Live and Let Die

I've come to find that buying the mini sets of OPI is a much better way for me to grab some of my favorite colors in a collection without spending a ton of money. And with the number of polishes I have (it's insane how many I have!) there is no way I'll ever finish a bottle! I mainly bought this set for the last 2 colors, but the other 2 are gorgeous as well and can't wait to try them out!

I bough two full size polishes from the collection cuz I just couldn't leave these little babies behind. 

The Living Daylights and On Her Majesty's Secret Service

Most of my nail polish collection are glitters and shimmers, but I thought these two were unique and unlike anything I have seen. The Living Daylights has beautiful teal and copper hexagonal glitters. I usually just layer up my glitters and Jen said this wasn't a thick formula so I can't wait to see what that looks like! And On Her Majesty's Secret Service is so much prettier in person, a beautiful purple and blue shimmer.

All of these polishes are great and I highly encourage you check them out


So after a little shopping we met up with everyone for some Mexican, then went back to my apartment to rest up a bit and get ready for another night out! I don't have any pics from that night, we were all exhausted from our early mornings (other girls went to the noon Carolina game) so half the group peaced out at 11pm while Jordan, Caroline, and me closed the night out!

Sunday was spent in a complete vegetative state, which was the perfect ending to an awesome weekend!! 

This weekend on the other hand is going to be VERY low key! I just got my wisdom teeth out this morning so the next couple days will be spent resting, catching up on tv shows and dining on mashed potatoes and ice cream! 

Anyone have any exciting plans for the weekend??

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