Thursday, January 29, 2009

Weekly Recap

Hey yall! Hope you have had a good week. We actually got snow here in SC, well more like a dusting, but that didn't prevent my early morning class from getting cancelled! So with Monday off for Martin Luther King day it felt like a pretty short week. And the forecast for early next week is calling for snow again!!!

Photo courtesty of my friend B :)

I'm also 3 weeks into my Firm bootcamp and lemme tell ya its kicking my butt! It also came with a meal plan, but I realized early on that I was just to tired/impatient everynight to cook a meal at 8:30 at night that I decided to buy some lean cuisine meals and steamer veggie packs and try to eat some of the snacks that they have suggested. My favorite is a chocolate rice cake with a little bit of peanut butter on top YUM! :)

I also did a little bit of shopping!! Whats a week with a trip to the mall right? I ended up finding a super elegant black winter coat from Express. It was missing two buttons so it was DEEPLY discounted! It was originally $298 and with an extra 40% off clearance it ended up being $30!!!
So my mom and I are busy looking for some buttons that she can sew on and then I'll be set!

This week my sorority held its informal spring rush. I wasn't able to go either Tuesday or Wednesday because of my bootcamp classes, but we got 9 new girls and I can't wait to meet them :)

It doesn't look like it on here but I feel like I've been running around these past 2 weeks and I am exhausted!! I'm looking forward to tomorrow at 11am when my weekend starts! My cousin's engagement party is Saturday night and getting together with my family is always a good time!

I don't know if yall are tired of these giveaway posts but the stuff you can win is just too cute not to tell yall about! This one is from Misadventures of a Newlywed and she is giving away a set of Lilly Pulitzer's new stationary!! I actually *mistakenly* got a wholesale kit from their stationary company a couple weeks ago and all of the stuff on there is amazing!! My mom and I are thinking about selling some of it, depending on how much interest we get from our friends. So if yall are interested let me know!

Hope yall are doing well. I've seen a couple bloggers do this so I thought why not! I'm opening up the floor...yall can ask me any question that you want and I will answer them in a future post!

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  1. Hey I love monograms and all things Lilly Pulitzer. I would love for you to give away my novel Social Climbers, it talks all about this kind of stuff. Let me know! xoxo


    Beth Dunn


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