Wednesday, January 26, 2011

What I'm Loving Wednesday!

  • Target yoga pants: I went to Target last week and picked up a pair of their yoga pants and OMG you guys! If you like your sleep and just throw on stuff before you go class, these are perfect!! They were only $20 and are SO comfy! They come in a couple of different fits and lengths and are pretty much all I've been wearing all week. I'm thinking of going back and picking up a couple more pairs so I don't wear these out too quickly.

  • Crystal Lite Peach Tea: When I lived at home, we ALWAYS had a pitcher of this in the fridge. So I've been addicted to this stuff for years. I just used my last 2 packets up and am already panicking! I've tried other flavors and this is the one I always seems to come back to. If you have a hard time drinking water, mixing it with CL makes it MUCH easier to drink!


  1. I'm obsessed with Target yoga pants, too! With my long legs, it's hard to find yoga pants that aren't more like capris, but Target knows best. Glad I'm not the only one who's in love (:

  2. I picked up two pairs of yoga pants from Target and they are the best! I wish I could wear them to school!

  3. I'm going to target ASAP to get some of those! I have some from old navy but def know i'll be trippin it on out to target soon!

    thanks for sharing girlie!


  4. I adore the CL peach tea. I have a really hard time with drinking plain water for some reason and so i never go the gym without a package or two.

  5. I need to look at those yoga pants!!! Also, I'm hosting a giveaway!!!


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