Wednesday, February 2, 2011

My current state of mind...


I really don't have time for a post considering these next couple days are gonna be awful! Here are my to-do lists for the next couple days...


  • type out lab notebook (what I should be doing right now)
  • ecology lab (where we're going on a field trip ie. no chance of getting out early!)
  • grab dinner at Kappa house
  • read psych chapters 1-3 and selected articles
  • pyschology participation assignment
  • study for psychology exam (thursday)
  • start studying for biochem exam (that I thought was monday and is now friday!!!!)


  • *probably* get up early and study for psychology
  • psychology exam 11am
  • biology of birds class (may skip to study for biochem)
  • library to study for biochem
  • work 5-9 (can't find anyone to cover my shift)
  • spanish homework
  • back to the library till early hours of the morning


  • spanish class
  • biochem exam
  • hopefully napping!
  • work 5-10:30
  • SLEEP!


  • send transcript request
  • clean apartment (it's such a disaster I'm about to lose my mind!)
  • start training for Cooper River Bridge Run (2 months from today!!)
  • keep up with Wii workouts

1 comment:

  1. Oh my word!!!! Good luck doing everything!!!!


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