Wednesday, November 2, 2011

October Birchbox

Nothing like posting about last month's box on the 2nd day of the new month! If you're not family with Birchbox, I explained it in last month's post. Let me know if you have used any of these products before and what you think of them! I haven't had a chance to use any of these products enough to give an opinion on them, hence the lack of "initial thoughts" this month! 

All the products in this month's box
Information card

AHAVA Rich Cleansing Cream
Description: A gentle, non-lathering cleanser that whisks away dirt, oil, and makeup faster than you can say 'non-drying.'
Size received: 0.68 fluid oz.
Full size: 3.4 fl oz for $30
Retail value: $4.31

Befine Lip Serum
Description: A lip-healing wonder: Befine's vitamin-rich Lip Serum heals and smoothes cracked or dry lips.
Size received: 0.34 fl oz
Full size: Comes in the BeLips Duo with a lip exfoliator. The duo costs $25
Retail value: $12.50

Laura Geller Spackle Tinted Under Makeup Primer in Bronze
Description: This hydrating primer gives you a flawless foundation for makeup - plus a subtle glow. It works on all skin tones - we tested it!
Size received: 0.5 oz
Full size: 2 oz for $25
Retail value: $6.25

Orofluido Beauty Elixir
Description: We don't know what we love more - this hair treatment's trio of nourishing essential oils (argan, linseed, cyperus) or its intoxicating vanilla amber scent.
Size received: 0.17 fl oz
Full size: 3.4 fl oz
Retail value: $1.47

The Laundress Delicate Wash
Description: Laundry just got a little more civilized. Use this elegant wash on all your special items.
Size received: 0.5 fl oz
Full size: 16 fl oz for $19.00
Retail value: $0.60

Box's total retail value: $25.13



  1. Ooh I love the primer! It looks so pretty! I just ordered my first Birchbox, and I can't wait to get it.

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  3. You totally just inspired me to get Birchbox! Love your blog and look forward to continue reading!

  4. I recently joined Birchbox, and October was the second month I received one...and I got completely different things with my box! I didn't know they did that....

  5. Oh gosh, I look at the Birchbox site often and think about signing up. Your loot looks awesome!

  6. Dropping by to visit you from Kelly's Korner. :)
    All that makeup looks great!

  7. I found your blog on Kelly's Korner! I subscribe to Birchbox also...your Oct box was completely different from mine! Love your blog!

  8. I have never used any products from Ahava, but I know my mom has some of their products. My mom is extremely particular is what products she uses so it must be good!

  9. I've been thinking about joining. Would you say it's worth it?

  10. So many people get birchbox's! I think it's a great idea but I'm not sure if I want to sign up or not. Looks like you got some good stuff in it!



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