Saturday, September 22, 2012

Saturday Night Thoughts

There is no rhyme or reason to this post tonight. Just some random thoughts and happenings going on I wanted to jot down. Sometimes these are my favorite posts to read so I hope you enjoy! 

  • This is the first Gamecock football season in 5 years where I'm not going to every home game. Not only am I not going I've actually been at work when the games have been going on. So needless to say the fact that I'll actually get to watch the Kentucky game next week AND I'm going to the Georgia game the week after makes me a happy fan!

  • Today was an overwhelming day at my new job. We offer what are called 'express services' which can be anything from a foundation match to an eyeshadow look. I was only zoned in 'color' for an hour but during that hour I had 3 people ask for a concealer match and another wanted basically an eyeshadow 101 lesson. So I have to tell the customers that I will be more than happy to find someone to help them out, but I hate not being able to help them myself! My managers (who I love and are very supportive) and I discussed this and they wholeheartedly agreed that next time I work I'm gonna be paired up with a buddy to watch some services so I can get more comfortable. My main manager also told me tonight that she was proud of how I was coming along, which is SUCH a huge thing to hear when you only had a so-so day!
  • I have the day off tomorrow and I am SO. EXCITED. Since starting my second job I've told them everyday I had off from CVS I would work. So naturally that equals no days off for this girl! AND I have Wednesday off too! I'm not gonna know what to do with myself! 
look at all that space!! 
  • Fall TV comes back this week!!! As busy as I am I have no idea how I'm going to keep up with my shows, but two of my all time faves are coming back, Castle and SVU!! If I only watch 2 shows this fall these will be it. I may be a tad obsessed.

Happy Saturday everyone!! Hope you are having a wonderful weekend!! 

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