Saturday, September 1, 2012

What I've Been Up To

Hola chickas!! It appears I accidentally took a small hiatus from the blogging world but a couple new developments in life have been taking up almost ALL my time! If you follow me in twitter I've been alluding for the last couple weeks about interviewing for a couple jobs, and after 4 interviews and 2 offered positions, I am proud to say I now work at..... *drumroll please*

To say that I am SOOOO excited would be a slight understatement! They were only able to give me a part time position for now, so I'll still be working at CVS primarily, but this is the PERFECT job for me since I want to get my foot into the cosmetic world! So far I've had 3 days of training and today was the first day I was on the register and even though it's all very overwhelming I'm excited to learn more! 

In addition to starting a new job I've also started my online classes towards my Master's degree. Once again after a lot of thought about what I wanted to do with my life (not such a small decision people!), I decided to work towards earning a Masters in Cosmetic Chemistry! It's completely online which allows me to work full-time and is relevant to the area I want to work in while also being somewhat related to my Bachelor's degree. 

So as you can see a lot of change has been happening!! I'm gonna be honest time management is not my greatest skill so it's going to be an adjustment going from one job to two jobs and school work. But I am excited at what the future holds and being an employee of a company that encourages growth...and lets be honest, getting to play and sample all those beauty and skincare products is a blast!! Not to mention the GRATIS that comes along with the job!

This are just some of the products that I've gotten to try and already love!! I thought going into this job I knew a good bit about makeup, but I have QUICKLY come to realize that there is so much more to learn and so many brands I barely know anything about! 

So that's where I have been recently!! Tomorrow is my first day off in the past week...which I will be spending a majority of the time catching up on lectures :/ But I hope everyone is having a wonderful holiday weekend!!!

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  1. That is SO awesome. I'm so addicted to Sephora, that sometimes I go in there and spend WAY too much money!

    Hope your Masters ends up going well!


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