Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Weekend Recap

**This post was meant to go up last week, but between sudden sickness and last minute prep for friend's bachelorette party life just got in the way! Hope you enjoy anyway**

I actually did something this past weekend besides work so I figured I would share! On Saturday my fellow beauty obsessed friend Jordan ventured out to the mall with me so we could experience Columbia's newest store....

**not our actual store. we were too excited to take an actual picture**

Yes. Yes. South Carolina has FINALLY gotten a Sephora!! I have anxiously anticipated this opening ever since I saw the sign go up in the mall. I even applied for a job there (which is still kind of a TBA situation...story possibly at a later date). It's definitely one of the bigger Sephora stores I have ever been too (bigger than the one in Charlotte & Atlanta's Perimeter Mall) so when we first walked in we were a tad overwhelmed. But after 2 hours (yes. 2 hours. Jordan is probably the only one that would spend that much time in ANY store with me), 2 foundation applications (on Jordan), and probably walking 20 times all around the store, here is what I ended up with...

We're already planning a second trip back tomorrow after I get off work because Jordan has to exchange the foundation she bought...plus I want to get a brush to better apply the BB creme and an eyeshadow palette that will be easy to travel with! 

After Sephora and a quick trip to Victoria's Secret to grab a bachelorette gift, I raced back home to get read for a night out with the family. For some reason my mom decided we were going to celebrate Father's Day the night before this year instead of the actual day. Once I got ready I met the family for a quick dinner at blue, which is a tapas bar & cocktail lounge downtown.

blue is somewhere I catch myself frequenting on a Saturday, but it is almost always after 10pm and NEVER for the food if ya know what I mean. I read the few reviews online and heard the food was mediocre, but since mom had bought a groupon we figured we would give it a shot. BIG MISTAKE. We told the waitress we were on a certain time frame & had a play to make later that night, but did that speed up the service?? NO MA'AM! They didn't have the first entree my brother ordered and then we waited 30 MINUTES for my wedge salad...because the lettuce had yet to arrive at the restaurant! Thankfully the groupon took care of our entire tab so we ran across the street to grab our tickets and catch a play.

Trustus Theater is a local theater company in Columbia and for as long as I've lived here (and most recently literally across the street) I've never seen a production. They did their version of the Broadway play Avenue Q and let me tell you it did not disappoint! What makes it unique is that over half of the cast is actually puppets a la Sesame Street. There are definitely some adult themes and politically incorrect humor, but our entire family enjoyed it. I highly recommend it!!

Father's day was pretty low key in our house. I got to sleep in and once all the family was home we cooked a meal on the grill and gave dad a couple gifts. My dad is a very low key no muss no fuss kinda guy so it was the perfect day for him. 

Sorry this post was majorly late. I'm not gonna lie posting may be a tad sporadic for the next 2 weeks or so until I get through my friend's wedding and family vacation. But I will be doing my best to document everything so I can have lots of blog material when I come back!!


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  1. Hey, fellow KKG! :) Saw your blog on the Being Greek blog!

    I adore Sephora, and my obsession just started over the weekend!


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