Friday, August 3, 2012

Friday's Letters

I'm linking up with Ashley for the first time this week for Friday's Letters! Let me know if you link up too!!

Dear weekend. O how happy I am to see you! I can't wait to get settled back into my apartment, do some (minor) damage at the Devine Street sidewalk sale, help celebrate a co-worker's daughter's 21st birthday, and go with the family to help little brother find an apartment for when he moves to Summerville for school. 

Dear apartment. I have missed you! Since vacation I've been staying at the parental's house due to work, etc and I have missed my own space and ME time! Considering I haven't unpacked from said vacation yet, I have a feeling we are going to quickly get re-acquainted as I get this place organized.

Dear Olympics. Thank you for guaranteeing me something to watch every single night on tv. On the flipside, you have also caused me to fall WAYYY behind on my summer tv shows (Big Brother, Bachelor Pad, Real Housewives...). Nevertheless I will be sad to see you go at the end of next week! 

Dear Carolina Football. THANK GOODNESS you are less than a month away! There are so many expectations for this season I can hardly stand it. This season will be a tad weird for me as it will be the first one in 5 years that I won't be sitting in the best student section in the nation. But never fear I'm determined to get myself in to Williams-Brice for at least a couple games!

*how can you watch this and NOT get chills!!*

Dear job market. Thank you for showing me how when one door closes, another one opens. It certainly has been a learning experience and shown me that I ultimately know what's best for me and to always go with my gut feeling.

Dear blog/twitter friends. Thank you so much for your support and advice as I go through this crazy, uncertain time in my life! I am so grateful to have met a wonderful group of girls and be a part of this wonderful community!!

Have a wonderful weekend everyone!! 


  1. Lovely letters.. :) Blog friends are the best, I agree! Have a fab weekend!




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