Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Oh How Pinteresting Wednesday!

Hello everyone!! Today for the first time I am linking up with Michelle aka The Vintage Apple  for Oh, how Pinteresting Wednesday! I was obsessed with Pinterest when I first starting 'pinning' things, but recently my new love for Tumblr seemed to overshadow. As much as I love Tumblr I love how you can categorize everything on Pinterest and things are MUCH easier to find! 

So down below are just some random things I have 'pinned' recently. What are your favorite things to pin? Outfits, recipes, craft ideas? The list could go on and on!

Hope everyone has a wonderful Wednesday!!


  1. I have that TB clutch in brown and I lurve it.

  2. I am literally loving all your pins! They are all way cute! That chevron dress and the orange scarf outfit--- I NEED now!

  3. Love the chevron print dress! Really loving that trend right now! Visiting you from the link up!



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