Sunday, August 12, 2012

London Traveling & Day 1

Welcome to post #1 of my London recaps! I'm sure this is going to get wordy so lets get started!

Traveling/Day 1

Our traveling day started out with me rushing to get packed before leaving for the airport (literally the hour before we left), but once we got to the airport in Columbia our flight was delayed. Long story short we eventually get off the ground, then run through the Atlanta airport to make our connecting flight to London. While waiting for our London plane to take off, this man appeared on our plane...

...President Jimmy Carter! Now even though he was way before my time and was CERTAINLY not the greatest president, this will probably be the only President I will meet in my lifetime, so nevertheless it was pretty cool.

The flight over to London was not the most pleasant experience. It was just under 8 hours, and out of those 8 I probably got 1 hour of sleep! Our seats were just way too uncomfortable and small that it was impossible to get comfy. The whole family agreed that first class was the way to go next time!

**First view of London!**

When we arrived at Heathrow Airport it was about 10am local time and rainy (shocker right?!?). We quickly gathered our luggage and caught a cab into downtown London. 

**all of our luggage in the small cab**

I can't for the life of me remember the name of our hotel, but it was in the Knightsbridge area across from Victoria & Albert Museum and walking distance from Harrods and an Underground station. It was a VERY nice hotel and we would definitely stay there again! So after checking in and freshening up we walked a couple blocks to grab some lunch and then our first tourist destination...Harrods!!

**not my pic**

Is it a real shocker that I wasn't even in the country for 4 hours and I was already visiting the largest department store in the world?!? Walking into that store is definitely a giddy/overwhelming experience. There are soooo many different rooms and departments and floors it's hard to know where to begin...the handbags alone were in about 6 different rooms that took up almost the entire first floor! I wish I could have taken pictures of it all, but naturally there was security everywhere so picture taking was no-no.

I of course headed straight to the room I knew Louis Vuitton was in and made the purchase 3 years in the making!

I'm not going to go into much detail about my purchase since I talked about it in my London Haul video. But I am still in love with this bag and 100% don't regret my purchase!

Upon leaving Harrods we quickly returned to the hotel and all napped and recovered from jet lag!!

Keep a lookout for Day 2's post soon!! 

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  1. I am so jealous, and am officially living vicariously through you! :)



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